Community Support Services


Sickle Cell Support Services

(SCSS) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization incorporated to help families and individuals living with sickle cell anemia disease.

  1. Providing emergency assistance when needed (bill payments, prescription assistance, and transportation)
  2. Provide community information and referral (doctor’s, specialist, community programs, and services)
  3. Provide social and emotional support thru support groups, monthly and yearly activities, such as enrichment camp.
  4. Provide education to new families living with sickle cell.
  5. Provide community education training, lay education training and support group education training

Contact: Sickle Cell Support Services

New Facebook Support Groups!

Sickle Cell Support Services – Online Support Groups for Arkansas

Education, Advocacy and Support. You can request to join one of the following groups on Facebook: