Support for Health Care Providers

Call the UAMS Sickle Cell Call Center at 1-855-Sic-Cell (742-2355).


Are you a Primary Care Physician who is already caring for Sickle Cell patients?

  1. We would like to hear from you…
    • In order to offer your patients to be a part of the statewide Sickle Cell Registry (by consent, opt-in basis only)
    • Update us with patient’s major events in treatments so we can keep the registry up-to-date with patient’s treatment regimen to improve continuity of care
    • In order to offer you support in caring for your Sickle Cell patients. Support includes:
      • Standardized Treatment Guidelines
      • Educational opportunities
      • Telephone consults with specialist at UAMS
      • Collaboration in management of patient
        • Annual visit to our multidisciplinary clinic
        • Individualized Plan of Care
        • Pain Management Consults and Assistance
  2. We would like to ask if you are willing to be part of our team. May we add you to a list of PCPs that treat Sickle Cell patients?


Are you a Primary Care Physician that would be willing to care for Sickle Cell patients if only you had support from a specialist?

  1. We will support you! We need Physicians that are willing to be PCPs for this underserved population.
  2. We are looking to build a Sickle Cell Physicians Network across Arkansas in order for SC patients to receive primary care close to home and visit the Adult Sickle Cell Clinic annually for added multidisciplinary support.  Please contact us if you would like to become part of our team.  You can call the Call Center at 1-855-Sic-Cell (742-2355) or email us at