Multidisciplinary Clinic

The UAMS Adult Sickle Cell Clinical Program provides a Multidisciplinary Clinic for adult patients with sickle cell anemia from all over the state. Patients are scheduled for annual appointments unless they have more severe complications that require more frequent visits. On the basis of each comprehensive visit, a care plan for that patient is created to serve as a blueprint for the patient’s medical care throughout the year and is communicated to each patient’s primary care provider.

The Multidisciplinary Clinic of the Adult Sickle Cell Clinical Program at UAMS includes:

A nurse practitioner, Collin Montgomery works in collaboration with the physicians and the other team members to deliver health care services to patients with sickle cell disease in the outpatient and inpatient setting A licensed clinical social worker, Leigh Ann Wilson is in the clinic every week to assist patients and their families regarding social and emotional support, health-related expenses not covered by insurance, transportation costs, and employment options. She also is essential in facilitating the transition of care from Arkansas Children’s Hospital to the adult setting.

A registered nurse, Stella Bowers, assists with providing care to patients in an outpatient setting. She serves as community outreach coordinator connecting the clinic to the community and healthcare providers around the state. She also serves as the liaison between the call center staff and the sickle cell team, ensuring that the sickle cell team responds to the caller’s needs.

In November 2016, the UAMS Adult Sickle Cell Clinic added pharmacist Lindsey Dayer, Pharm.D. She assists the providers in delivering comprehensive medication management through medication reconciliation, counseling and assessing medication effectiveness.

We also refer patients for annual ophthalmological assessments and for mental wellness evaluations as needed.

About 900 adult sickle cell patients are living in Arkansas, so there is still work to do to reach each one. We are providing a better state of health for the sickle cell patients in Arkansas.